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Strand Seaport George P. Mitchell Properties


Strand Seaport George P. Mitchell Properties

Seaport is now considered to be a very vibrant and all inclusive area with apartments, lofts, offices, meseums, shops, galleries, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and offices for a vast array of tourists and professionals.

George P. Mitchell, Inc. (GPM) along with its founders George and Cynthia Mitchell's vision have incorporated $100 million into the historic Strand Seaport area making it a "can do" invesment...

GPM, Inc. remains committed to overall success of the revitalization of the Strand Seaport on Galveston Island.

GPM, Inc.
Contact Person:
Ernest Connor
2228 Mechanic St., #204
Galveston, TX 77550
Tel. No. (409) 763-5806



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