Galveston Island Texas - Business Climate
Core Values
Chamber of Commerce
Galveston Economic Development Partnership
Core Values
• Expand Employment Opportunities and Tax Base
Priority to respond to inquiries efficiently and
• Economic Impact of Supported Activities
Base decision of support on economic factors.
• Task Force Continuation
Continue work of Task Forces in achieving
their goals and objectives.
• Comprehensive Economic Database Foundation
Develop key information that is vital to
ability to identify gaps and opportunities
as well as marketing to prospective industries.
• One-Stop Shop Delivery System
  Implement system for facilitation and
coordination of development activities.
• Proactive Business Climate
  Work with local partners to develop
business friendly environment.
• Realistic Incentive Base for Stimulating Private Sector Investment
  Develop additional resources for assisting in
the development of infrastructure and
business financing for sustainable growth.
• Quantified Labor Pool for Workforce
  Assess characteristics of available workforce.
• Strategic Alliances with Local and Regional Entities
  Partner with allies to leverage resources
and maximize opportunities.
• Middle-Income and Housing Expansion
  Identify strategies for expansion of middle-income
residents and housing availability.

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